Hampshire Hedges' Managing Director, Trevor Scott started his own business in 1970, developing from a two-man partnership to a thriving multi-skilled landscape contracting business. In 1987 we moved to our current site near Winchester. With 5 hectares of land we started growing our own plants and now concentrate on instant, ready made hedge screens.

Our Mission

  • To provide instant hedging using species not readily available from garden centres.
  • To provide alternatives to timber fencing and brick walls when choosing materials for property boundaries.
  • To encourage more attractive and interesting screens in private and public spaces.
  • To increase wildlife habitation by supplying a product which doubles as nesting sites for birds and corridors for small mammals.


Trevor’s formative years spent in the Forestry Commission provided a sound understanding of raising young nursery stock.

They inspired the formation of a landscape contracting business which carried out many construction, planting and maintenance contracts over the course of 46 successful years.

During this period a 2 hectare plant nursery was established, supplying to contracts as well as the wider horticulture industry.

The experience gained here has been utilised to develop our growing techniques for three species of mature hedging, which are usually only available as individual young plants.

Key amongst our techniques is the air-pot system which enables multiple plants to be grown as a hedge over a period of time. These self contained units are then easily transported.

All of this industry experience means that you can be sure that your Hampshire Hedges products are of the highest quality and will last for a very long time.

Hampshire Hedges delivery van