Fagus Sylvatica


To many gardeners and designers beech hedging is the best. Fagus Sylvatica provides an excellent screen which is bright green in spring and summer and a mellow brown colour in autumn and winter. When the beech leaves change colour in autumn they generally remain until the new leaves push them off in the spring.

Each unit has six plants, which are planted and established in two rows of three to provide a robust hedge. The branch structure provides a very good nesting place for small birds and we have lots on the nursery during the season.

Find out more at the Woodland Trust.

Leaves are oval with a wavy edge.

Leaves are oval with a wavy edge.

Planting conditions

Beech hedges prefer to grow in free draining soils and you need to consider this when choosing your hedge type.

(Hornbeam is an ideal substitute which tolerates wetter conditions).

We prune to shape and height during development.


An annual trimming in September will help to retain the leaves during the winter months.

Hampshire hedge standards

  • grown in a premium compost mix with added slow release fertiliser

  • watered automatically on a timer to optimise growth

  • laid out in the nursery on a north/south orientation to ensure that each side receives an equal amount of sunlight.


Beech 1.5 mts high (double row) at £125.00 per lin mtr

Beech 1.8mtrs high (double row) at £145.00 per lin mtr

New Beech 1.5 mtr high (single row) at £75.00 per lin mtr - SOLD OUT

Delivery & planting costs not included

All prices are subject to VAT


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