Ligustrum Ovalifolium


Privet’s structure is such that we start with four bushy young plants planted in a single row. Through the development period this is trimmed, watered and fed to produce a finished hedge 1.5 mtr high and thick with leaves.

Ligustrum Ovalifolium hedging is evergreen and provides instant privacy. We believe this hedge is more attractive than common laurel and is less demanding in maintenance and space.

Privet leaves are green on top and greenish-yellow on the underside.

Planting conditions

Also known as garden privet and oval-leaved privet, it is extensively used in large town gardens as it is very tolerant to pollution. Privet is the most common hedging plant species in cultivation in the UK. Your hedge will be tolerant of shade and exposed or windy positions.

Hedges should be trimmed with a wider base which tapers to a narrow top.

Hedges should be trimmed with a wider base which tapers to a narrow top.


Privet is fast growing so can be shaped to your preference. Trimming should stop in September so the plant has a little time to regrow before the autumn shut down.

Hampshire hedge standards

  • grown in a standard compost mix with added slow release fertiliser

  • watered automatically on a timer to optimise growth

  • laid out in the nursery on a north/south orientation to ensure that each side receives an equal amount of sunlight.


1.5 mtrs  – £75 per mtr

Delivery & planting costs not included

All prices are subject to VAT


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