Here at Hampshire Hedges we grow over 3,000 metres of premium quality hedging.

Our pre-grown hedges provide soft screening and privacy, giving character and warmth to your plot of land with the added bonus of wind and sound reduction.

Mature instant hedges are preferred by many leading landscape architects, designers and keen gardeners as they out perform timber fences, form dense barriers and provide a natural corridor for small mammals and nesting opportunities for many of our small birds. They create maximum impact but only you will know they have just been planted.

Our hedges are sold in one metre long units, grown in air-pots and can be planted at any time of the year. The use of air-pot technology is a technique adopted from the nursery industry which specialises in growing trees in containers above the ground. The specially formulated black plastic sheet has holes at the end of corrugations which air prune the roots as they grow, producing a very fibrous system. When planted and backfilled with improved topsoil, the hedge quickly establishes in its new position.

Hampshire Hedges in a row on the nursery
Hampshire Hedges loaded into van by forklift for delivery

You can easily achieve installation with two people or your local landscape contractor into a pre-prepared trench, backfilled and well-watered. We provide you with a bespoke planting, maintenance and establishment guide upon confirmation of order.

We specialise in three plant species: beech, hornbeam and privet.

Both beech and hornbeam are deciduous and the leaves change colour in the Autumn. Most of the leaves remain on the hedges through the winter providing good screening. Last years leaves do not leave the plant until the new ones appear in the spring.

The evergreen hedge we grow is privet, which has been used as a hedge plant in towns and country gardens for a very long time.